The Criatec 2 fund is the second fund from a series of funds sponsored by BNDES, which started in 2006 with the Criatec 1 fund. The Criatec 2 has Bozano Investments as the Nationa Manager and Triaxis Capital as Operational Advisor. The fund management structure also includes six regional managers.


The CRIATEC Project of BNDES

In December 2006, BNDES approved the Program Criatec, focused on the financial and strategic support of innovative emerging companies. The first fund of the series – Criatec 1 – has a commited capital of R$100 million. The major LPs are BNDESPAR (R$80 million) and Banco do Nordeste (R$20 million).

The Criatec 1 Fund

The first fund of the series has Antera Gestão de Recurso and Inseed Investimentos as managers. The investment period of the fund was closed in 2011 and the portfolio includes 36 companies from diferent sectors and regions of Brazil.